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My Story

The ordinary arts we practice everyday at home are of more importance to the soul than their simplicity might suggest.

 – Thomas Moore


My name is Christine. I was born in Pennsylvania, but moved before I realized it. As an Army brat, moving from place to place, I had no roots to put down. My mother was a fiery German woman, and a true European beauty. My Dad was raised in the “hills of West Virginia”. They were a very unlikely couple. As I grew up, more and more people told me I was just like my mom. I think it was spoken as a negative. Later I moved to the South, where I discovered that being like your mom was a good thing, so I continued on just the way I was. Later I moved back north to Ohio, where I have finally put down those roots. College, marriage, kids…I bought the whole happy family package. That brings me to today. Still married, still happy and have been given the opportunity and honor to share my love of food with you.

As the creator of Must Love Home, I like to imagine who I am writing for –  You are busy, life is hectic yet you are striving to create a relaxed life at home. You cook for people you love then enjoy the fruits of your labor over a bottle of wine and conversation in the kitchen. You want a cozy and casual home, where at the end of a long day, you can shut the doors to the outside world and relax. You want a place where friends can put their feet up and the kitchen can be your sanctuary. You would love a brand new kitchen, but what you really need are creative ideas to give a little love to the one you already have. You want to live slow at home, while squeezing every last moment out of it.

I put an emphasis on simple. We don’t need extravagant ingredients or fussy foods from specialty stores to create a delicious meal. We need recipe ideas that use readily found ingredients and have easy to follow instructions.  We also love having resources to simply order just what we need and having it come right to our doorstep.

What you will see here are solutions for the daily dilemma of what to make for dinner that your family will actually eat and even enjoy. There are quick 30 minute meal ideas, weekend cooking recipes for comfort foods made entirely from scratch, slow-cooker dishes, ready made foods doctored up to fit your tastes and inspired ideas for stocking the pantry.  You’ll also find kitchen and money tips like how to stretch your grocery dollars.



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