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Make real money without leaving your home! It is easier than you think with these creative ideas! Quit the dreaded 9-5 and take advantage of these side hustle ideas!

15 Savvy Side Hustles You Should Know About

OK, Stay-at-Home Moms and anyone else who wants to earn cash at home, this is for you!The internet, social media, tech industry and full-time employers are providing flexible ways to make money at home that were not around even a few years ago.

Make real money without leaving your home! It is easier than you think with these creative ideas! Quit the dreaded 9-5 and take advantage of these side hustle ideas!

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This blog post is packed with information so you can tap into the vast offerings for making an income online, and even some ways to create your own opportunities.Most of these require you to be highly organized, self-motivated and have a great work ethic.

Make real money without leaving your home! It is easier than you think with these creative ideas! Quit the dreaded 9-5 and take advantage of these side hustle ideas!


Let’s take a look at what is out there!

1  Make money working on Your Home Computer

Check out Job search engines like Monster.com  and look for Work From Home opportunities. Most will require that you have a computer that is less than 5 years old, a phone line for training calls, and plug in high-speed internet access ( no WiFi). Most jobs are entry-level and pay $8.50-$12 per hour. Another good resource for Work From Home listings is Indeed.com

Work From Home


2  Make Money Testing Websites

For most big companies, a high performing website is their key to success! For a consumer, website usability is a main factor in customer retention.

That is where Usertesting.com comes in. You sign up to be a website tester, and complete website surveys to tell what is good, bad or just OK about  a website. The surveys take around 20 minutes and the current pay is $10-$15 per survey!

The signup to be a tester is Free.  If you sign up, be prepared to download a program from Usertesting to your computer, and take a sample recording test.


A very similar website called WhatUsersDo.com is another way to make some cash reviewing websites.

3   Get Paid To Tweet

Advertisers will pay you to tweet about their products. The larger your Twitter following, the more you can expect to be paid. You can find out more by visiting IZEA.com. Tweeting for advertisers will require that you be be organized, creative and able to meet deadlines to be successful at this type of work. IZEA uses a bid process for getting chosen for tweets.  You can expect $1 to $4 per tweet, if you have less than 5,000 Twitter followers.

I currently work with both IZEA and Blogher and have been paid by both for Tweeting.  The amount per tweet is small, but they start to add up if you do multiple tweets every week.

4   Sell What’s In Your Closet (just pack and ship)

If you are like so many others, you have old clothes in your closet that you will never wear gain.  Knowing this truth was the  brilliance behind ThredUp, an online consignment and thrift store. You just order a pre-paid shopping bag, box up and send your clothes to ThredUp. They  decide what they will pay for your clothes and then send you a check.

Another very similar place to sell your closet is at eBay Valet. You order a pre-paid label for shipping, and once your shipped items are accepted, a check is mailed to you. They accept more than just clothing, so you may be able to earn even more cash at this site.

5  Start A Doggie Day Care

According to the Animal Pet Product Association, Pet Care is a booming growth industry, as more households than ever have pets. Over 18% of all households in the United States have Dogs. That is alot of potential cash up for grabs as more people than ever are treating their dogs like children. Doggie Day Care is thriving!  Earnings potential is $25-$50 a day per pet, though you would set your own rates for your area.  You will need to check for any restrictions for your home to operate this type of business.


6   Start Your Own Blog

Creating a blog can be very rewarding, however it will take time and committment to earn money from a blog. I have been blogging for almost a year and I am just starting to see results.

7   Tutor or Give Lessons

Are you really good at Math, Science or a foreign language? How about playing the Piano or Drums? If you have skills and love to teach, then this may be a good source of regular cash for you. Advertise your services locally or approach your local school or college and ask for referrals.

Many parents are willing to pay for lessons to improve their childrens development and grades. A local college student I know charges $50 per hour to tutor high school students in Calculus.

8   Turn Your Junk Mail (and email) Into Cash

It is possible to turn the junk mail and junk emails you receive into real cash! A company called SBCK , which stands for Small Business Knowledge Center, will pay you to send them select direct mail and emails.  You earn points for each item sent, then the points can be redeemed for a prepaid Visa card.

This is how  to earn points with  SBCK –

Direct Mail: Place your qualifying direct mail in the postage-paid envelopes we provide and return them to SBCK about once a week.
Email: Forward SBCK your qualifying emails.
Bonuses: Earn bonuses for referring friends and participating in periodic bonus opportunities featured in CBCK’s  monthly Consumer Panelist newsletter.

Frequent contributors can earn up to $20 every 6-10 weeks. Business owners or self-employed people may earn even faster.

9  Get Cash From SWAGBUCKS

Swagbucks is free to join and gives you lots of ways to earn cash, gift cards and other rewards.

It”s easy to earn points by  Shopping online, Watching entertaining videos, Searching the web, Answering surveys and finding great deals. You just redeem your earned points for gift cards to your favorite retailers like Amazon and Walmart or get cash back from PayPal.

10 Sell Homemade Goods on Etsy

Do you have a hobby like sewing or  making jewelry, candles and soaps? Turn this skill into a business by selling your Handmade products on Etsy. An unbelieveable amount of people go to Etsy to look for Handmade items every day!

Setting up an Etsy store is really simple and could net you quite a bundle depending on what products you are selling.

11 Find Odd-Jobs on Craigslist

Search Craigslist.org under Jobs or Gigs that you might be interested in. They could be telephone sales, socail media campaign management or a similar job that could net you some quick cash.

12 Offer any kind of service for $5 on Fiverr

You jusr create your $5 service at Fiverr, promote it and start earning real cash. If you tack “add-ons” to your service, you can earn even more. Services range from  designing logos and being a virtual assistant to dog walking.

13 Make money teaching a language

Teachers on Italki set their own rates, teach only when they choose and work from home! And you’re not limited to only English. They’re also looking for people to teach Japanese, French, Italian, Spanish and more. You’re free to focus on teaching because the service handles scheduling, marketing, payments and so on. Watch how Italki works…

14 Delivery a Weekly Newspaper or Circular

Many communities publish a weekly newspaper and need dependable people to deliver them. Retail stores in many areas have weekly circulars that are also in need of delivery. These jobs require a reliable car. To find openings, search Monster.com under Newspaper Delivery.

15  Earn Cash Being a Care Provider

Work as much or as little as you desire. At Care.com, you just sign up, create a profile listing your skills and search for jobs like childcare, dog walking or being a senior companion. Getting pid is a breeze, you get paid directly from Care!

Ok, there you have it! 15 Bonafide ways to make money while staying at home! Happy earning!!

Till next time – Christine

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Make real money without leaving your home! It is easier than you think with these creative ideas! Quit the dreaded 9-5 and take advantage of these side hustle ideas!



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